Loretta LaRoche informs, inspires and helps you destress – allowing you to become your most authentic self

Who Is Loretta

Loretta LaRoche is a Motivational & Keynote Speaker, International Stress Management & Humor Consultant, Author and PBS television star. She is a thought leader who has pioneered the use of humor as a coping mechanism for stress management, engaging this concept as an educational tool and enthralling audiences across the globe


Corporations worldwide use Loretta’s wisdom to manage stress in the workplace and uplift morale. Her programs help educate employees to increase their resiliency and be more empathetic toward one another…which positively affect the bottom line


Loretta’s keynote speeches captivate participants through the use of humor, intelligence and positive psychology, which create “aha” moments for her audiences. Her topics are relevant, authentic and mindful, leaving people to remember her words for years to come.


She has written 9 best-selling books and writes a nationally syndicated column, “Get a Life – Sane Wisdom for an Insane World”, which reaches thousands of readers each week. Loretta is continually pursuing the mind body experience and maintains an unwavering dedication to share not only her knowledge but her unique ability to recognize the absurd.

About Loretta
  • The participation of terrific keynote presenters like you with expertise in health promotion and wellness, in particularly stress management and humor, made the 29th Annual Conference a wonderful success!

    Susan S. Berry, Maine Schoolsite Health Promotion Conference Coordinator
  • Loretta was the highlight of our “conference” week and we hope she will come back next year! Her presentation was excellent and left us all feeling light-hearted and happy.

    Bernadette Johnson RN, MS, Chronic Conditions Management, BCBS of Massachusetts
  • "Loretta was phenomenal. I feel that she reached every person in the audience on various levels. Her talk was mentioned all weekend, both by participants and speakers. I wish she could be at every conference! "

    Child Life Council
  • We are still talking, laughing and reminiscing about your talk.  It was a lesson for us all, as well.  I think our executives, myself included, didn’t realize how beneficial and motivating it would be for our staff to be treated to someone of your humor and WISDOM… we saw a 20% increase in sales that week.  Thank you again for giving us the highlight of our conference.

    Janis Brownstein, Brownstein Shoe Shops Inc.
  • Thank you for your participation in the AERS WIN Forward Focus Forward National Summit. You helped make the event a wonderful experience! We enjoyed your tips on stress relief and the humor kits were a lot of fun. It was a joy having you there.

    Deloitte & Touche, Columbus, OH
  • You were a slam dunk at our HBO meeting. Thanks you for doing an amazing job. I hope many more Time Warner departments use your wonder skills and talents.

    Gayle Hanrahan, Sales & Marketing Executive, HBO


  • Identify Stressors

    Instruct management and staff on ways to identify stressors and present techniques on how to handle them effectively

  • Influence Positive Outcomes

    Help implement strength based behaviors that help influence team work and positive outcomes

  • Improve Health and Well Being

    Create tools and techniques that encourage employees to be accountable and responsible for their well being while engaged in a positive lifestyle

  • Increase the Ability to Lighten Up

    Increase your ability to feel joyful, more successful and mindful, in essence, to be more present to your life

Loretta’s Highlights

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